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Frogs Records Established 2000

Expect the un-expected

From the deep broadness of electronic music and the need to lighten up the mood in your everyday rave party, came FROGS. Created in 2003 by freddy frogs, this unique London based label has now brought you a solid bunch of of wild sample based tracks and has a lot more in it s sleeves...the wide array of music displayed by frogs is only the representation of the influences that have brought us here... 

Entering frogs records music is entering into a black and white movie where charlie Chaplin and Perez Prado have a giggle in a soappy dance floor.

The concept of clown core , droll and bass, cheese-core and other mash up bootlegs  has been around  for a while with labels such as noodle discotheque, addict, mashit and the lads from the Wewie Stonder band but Frogs re-defines circus and gypsy electronica alltogether.



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September 2012

Frogs 10 is out "Proper madness coming from Ronin on side A with "Undercover fadango" . Ronin's tune is an abrasive and fast paced exotic blend of rumba calypso shaked up with hard drum and bass flavours. On the other side, Freddyfrogs "Charlie papa Tango" roll a groovy soulfull house tune. At 130 Bpm, this release has a strong scent of  tango and the true romance of Carmen's voice...
You will be able to grab a vynil copy at
And digital one at
Next gig is in London for Under Konstruction sound System near Seven SistersCheck  out the link
And all of you should be at the Colliseum om the 10th os October for the "Hydraulix" party wgere Freddy will be performing his last set before returning to his home country!
Check out le link:
Ed cox and Freddyfrogs in Poland
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